Can Dentures Be Placed Immediately For Following Tooth Extraction?

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One question that often bounces around people’s minds when they’re considering tooth extraction is the following: Can dentures be placed immediately after the treatment?

Losing one or more teeth can be a frightening experience that can have an impact on your confidence, overall quality of life, and oral health. Although dentures have long been an effective means to replace missing teeth, the idea of immediate dentures, which can be placed immediately after a tooth is extracted, raises a lot of concerns.

Read on to learn about denture treatment near you and factors to take into consideration if you or a loved one is considering dentures after opting to have their teeth extracted.

Immediate Dentures

Immediate dentures, also referred to as immediate complete dentures, are dental prosthetics made to replace the missing teeth immediately following the removal of natural teeth. As these dentures are made in advance, they can be fitted for your mouth the same day as your tooth extraction.

The Process


Your dentist will check the condition of your mouth, go over the tooth extraction procedure, and give you a recommendation on whether immediate dentures are a good option for you.


Prior to extraction, an impression of your mouth will be taken to create a set of immediate dentures that are specifically tailored to your mouth.

Extraction and Immediate Placement

On the day of the extraction, your teeth will be removed, and immediate dentures will be placed in your mouth. In the initial days, you can anticipate swelling, discomfort, and some dietary restrictions.

Follow-up Appointments

You will need to see your dentist on a regular basis for adjustments and to assess your healing progress.

Benefits of Immediate Dentures

Immediate dentures provide various advantages, making them a popular choice for many people undergoing tooth extraction. Here are some of the primary benefits:

Immediate Aesthetics

The preservation of one’s appearance and self-esteem is the most significant benefit of immediate dentures in York. These dentures are intended to be placed quickly following tooth extraction, eliminating the potentially awkward stage of missing teeth. During the healing process, the immediate improvement in your smile can boost your confidence and self-image.

Gum Tissue Protection

Immediate dentures act as a shield over the extraction sites. It can assist in reducing bleeding, lower the risk of infection, and promote gum tissue recovery. It protects and covers the surgical areas during the earliest stages of healing.

Functional Transition

You can start chewing and speaking with dentures right away with instant dentures. This early adaptation allows you to restore parts of your oral functions sooner, smoothing the transition to full denture use. It can also keep you from having to deal with the problems that come with missing teeth.

Preventing Bone Loss

Tooth loss can cause quick bone resorption, a condition in which the jawbone loses density and volume. Immediate dentures support the jawbone, which reduces the risk of significant bone loss. The underlying bone structure must be preserved for long-term denture stability and dental health.

No Waiting Period

Immediate dentures, as opposed to traditional dentures, do not require a waiting period after tooth extraction. It means you won’t have to wait weeks or months with missing teeth before receiving a complete set of dentures. The quick installation ensures that your oral functions and attractiveness are not compromised.

Psychological Well-Being

Immediate dentures can improve your psychological well-being. Maintaining your smile and facial appearance might help you feel more at ease in social circumstances and lessen feelings of self-consciousness that sometimes accompany tooth loss.


The need for many dental appointments with our dentist in York between extractions and final denture placement is eliminated with immediate dentures. It is beneficial for people who have busy schedules or limited access to dental care.

Challenges of Immediate Dentures

  • Adjustments Needed: When compared to traditional dentures, immediate dentures may necessitate additional modifications as your gums and jawbone heal and change shape.
  • Cost Consideration: While immediate dentures are convenient, they might be expensive due to the additional adjustments and follow-up consultations required.
  • Adaptation Period: Wearing dentures, whether immediate or traditional, requires some adjustment time during which you may have discomfort, speech challenges, or problems eating particular foods.

Always consult your denture dentist to see if dentures are appropriate for your individual oral health needs and goals. Remember that with proper care and regular dentist visits, your new dentures can provide you with an appealing and confident smile.

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