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If you’re interested in receiving dentures to restore your smile, there are three main variants available to you: partial, completed, and denture implants. Each one of these devices has its advantages; however, personal preferences, your current oral health situation, and what your dentist recommends all play a role in identifying what type of dentures is best for you.

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Fast Facts

  • Dentures are a prosthetic primarily designed to restore the function of your smile, but they aid in remedying its overall aesthetic too. When you come in to receive them, impressions and x-rays are made of your mouth so that when the final product is ready, it fits you seamlessly.
  • Patients are typically advised to receive dentures in York if they’re missing a significant number of teeth.
  • Depending on the type of device you chose to go with, dentures may be removable or fixed permanently in your mouth.
  • They’re made from a combination of acrylics (used for the gum-colored base) and resin (used for the artificial teeth).
  • It will take some time to adjust to wearing your dentures every day, but this is completely normal.

Denture Types

Partial dentures are exactly what they sound like: they act as a replacement for a portion of your smile.

Complete dentures replace your entire smile.

Denture implants, also referred to as fixed dentures, sit on top of an acrylic gum base. Resin is used to fabricate the artificial teeth so they appear as natural as possible.

Before you can acquire any form of dentures, you’ll need to attend a consultation with your dentist first. They will discuss your medical history and your dental situation with you, physically assess your oral cavity, and ask you about what your expectations are regarding your treatment. Before you leave, they will inform you if you’re an ideal candidate for this course of action; if not, your dentist will be able to help you find an alternative that’s just as effective.

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