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A lot of people have experienced a dental emergency and a lot more people will experience one in the future, which is why being able to access good oral health care is so essential.

If you’re in need of emergency dentistry in York, please don’t hesitate to come into our local clinic as soon as you’re able! Our amazingly skilled team is here to help you get your smile back to normal while keeping you calm and comfortable along the way.

emergency dentistry in York

What is Classified as a Dental Emergency?

It can be tricky to know when we should seek professional dental care and when certain symptoms/problems can resolve themselves. However, to help you understand the difference, here are the most common emergencies that dentists address on a routine basis:

  • A dislodged tooth.
  • A fractured tooth (chipped or cracked).
  • An abscess. This is a fleshy sac that contains pus, and forms due to the presence of an oral infection.
  • Serious toothache.
  • Continual bleeding.
  • Oral trauma. This can be regarding your teeth, gums, cheeks, lips, and tongue.
  • A blackened tooth.
  • Your dental filling, crown, or bridge is loose/has fallen out.

Should you find yourself dealing with any of these things, take a trip a nearby dental practice as quickly as possible. The quicker you seek out emergency dentistry near you, the greater chances are that your treatment will be effective and your smile will return to how it was before the incident.

How Can I Avoid a Dental Emergency?

Many dental emergencies can be prevented by prioritizing our oral hygiene. Here are some things you can do to preserve your dental health and avoid any additional trips to the dental clinic:

  • Wear a dental guard, be it a custom mouth guard for sports or a night guard while you sleep.
  • Don’t open things with your teeth. After all, there’s this nifty little invention called scissors that work perfectly!
  • Don’t eat foods that are too hard like ice or candy.
  • Clean your teeth after every meal. The minimum is brushing and flossing twice a day, but it’s better to do so after every time you eat.
  • Attend regular dental checkups and cleanings.

At Keele Crosstown Dental, we provide emergency dentistry in York. No matter what you’re dealing with, our staff will be able to get things back on track and repair your smile. We’ll ensure that you’re kept comfortable while the dentists and if you have any concerns at all, we’ll do our best to address those too.

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