Pediatric Dentistry in York

Pediatric Dentistry Near You

There’s a reason why pediatric dentistry is a distinctive brand of dental medicine: because its patient demographic – kiddos! – are distinct from other patients. Children are continually growing, which means their oral health is continually evolving as well. Visiting a pediatric dentist with them is a great way to make sure that they receive the care and attention they need.

At our community dental practice, we offer pediatric dentistry in York to those who need it. Come in and speak with one of our team members today to learn more.

Pediatric Dentistry Near You

Fast Facts on Pediatric Dentists

  1. They must complete specialized training to practice. In addition to completing a 4 year undergraduate degree and 4 year dental degree, they must also pass a residency where they hone their knowledge and engage with patients.
  2. They can provide all the same treatments as a general dentist. Dental fillings, sealants, and root canals are just a few examples.
  3. They can also help address more specific issues like thumb sucking, pacifier use, and lip and tongue tie.
  4. They possess advanced insight into how our teeth, gums, jaw, and the rest of our head and neck biology evolve as we mature.
  5. They understand how to manage children’s behavior.
  6. They know how to calm children down, particularly those who are scared of going to the dentist and can make them feel comfortable.
  7. The atmosphere of most pediatric dental clinics is extremely welcoming! Not to mention they always have lots of toys for your child to play with while waiting.

If you have questions about receiving pediatric dentistry near you, be sure to book a one-on-one consultation with our dental clinic. It doesn’t matter if you and your family are brand new to our practice or you’re a returning patient, our staff is here to ensure that you receive the right form of care.

When Should I Take My Child to a Pediatric Dentist?

As a recognized “general rule of thumb”, you should consider bringing your child in to see a pediatric dentist when their first baby tooth comes in or, if this has yet to happen, by their first birthday.

There are a lot of benefits to doing this. Not only will you be able to learn how to help care for your child’s dental health as they grow, but this will also help your child get used to the dentist. And the more they visit, the better they’ll understand about participating in looking after their teeth and gums themselves. Pediatric dentists will show them how to brush and floss correctly and teach them about eating too much sugar and why cavities are bad.

At Keele Crosstown Dental, we provide pediatric dentistry in York. So, if you’re looking to schedule an introductory appointment with one of our staff members, give us a call, send us an email, or drop by our location at 2563 Eglinton Ave in person.

We can’t wait to work with you and your family!