Tooth Extractions in York, ON

Tooth Extractions Near You

Don’t worry: despite sounding like a scary treatment, tooth extractions are a common process that many people have received. The actual process is very straightforward, and your dentist will provide you with local anesthesia, so you don’t feel any discomfort while they work.

For more information about tooth extractions in York, come to our local dental practice. Our friendly, skilled staff is here to address any questions that you have and ensure that your time with us is as smooth as possible.

Tooth Extractions in York

Fast Facts:

  • A tooth extraction involves pulling a tooth from its original place in your mouth. This is done using dental forceps.
  • General dentists are qualified to perform this treatment. However, if necessary, they may refer you to an oral surgeon.
  • There are 2 types of tooth extractions: simple and surgical. Simple extractions are performed on a tooth that’s fully erupted above your gums; surgical extractions are reserved for teeth that have partially erupted or not at all.
  • The most well-known form of surgical extraction is wisdom teeth removal.
  • If your jawbone isn’t strong enough to withstand the procedure, you may need to receive a bone graft.
  • After the tooth is out, stitches are used to close the site.

You must come in for an initial consultation before any actual dental work can take place. Why? So your dentist can make sure that this avenue of care is the best solution for your unique case.

During this appointment, they will take x-rays of your teeth and gums, and physically evaluate your mouth to establish a detailed picture of your dental health. Your dentist will also ask you about your medical history and what your preferences regarding treatment are. If you are indeed eligible for tooth extractions near you, they’ll help you book a follow-up appointment.

The Procedure

Whether you’re in need of a simple or surgical extraction, the process itself is very similar.

First, you’ll be given anesthesia. Your dentist will then work to loosen the tooth from its socket. In terms of a surgical extraction, a small incision will be made in your gum tissue so the tooth can be accessed. If needed, any bone debris will be cleared away.

Once the tooth is fully extracted, the space will be thoroughly cleaned and sealed.

And there you are! Be sure to follow any instructions provided to you by your dentist or oral surgeon so that your mouth fully heals. They’ll most likely prescribe Advil or Tylenol to help you manage any pain that occurs in the hours that follow.

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