Dental Cleanings in York

Dental Cleanings Near You

Arguably one of the most commonly administered dental treatments is a routine dental cleaning and checkup. As you’ve probably heard, it’s recommended that you and your family come in to have this done at least twice a year. Dental cleanings help your smile stay healthy by removing the plaque and tartar that have gathered on your teeth.

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Dental Cleaning Near You

What Do Dental Cleanings Involve?

Any appointment dedicated to a teeth cleaning can be done in 60 minutes. The entire process is very streamlined, and it’ll be over before you know it, allowing you to get back to your day in no time!

Outlined below are the steps involved when you come in to receive dental cleanings in York:

Step 1: Examination.

Much of your visit will be conducted by a dental hygienist; your dentist will drop by here and there to see how you’re doing and supervise their work.

Your teeth, gums, and tongue will all be closely evaluated, followed by x-rays. These steps are brief but important nonetheless; they help your dental team create a detailed image of your current oral health situation.

Step 2: Getting rid of plaque.

Using a tool called a scaler, your hygienist will proceed to scrape off any plaque and tartar that have gathered on the surface of your teeth, in between them, and along your gums. Areas that have more plaque will need to be scraped a bit harder.

Step 3: Brushing.

A special electric toothbrush is used alongside a gritty toothpaste to clean and make your smile shine. Sometimes, you’ll be able to choose a flavor of toothpaste.

Step 4: Flossing.

Just like you’re meant to do at home, once the brushing is all done, your hygienist will floss your teeth. It’s normal for you gums to bleed a little bit, but keep in mind that it might also be an indication that you ought to floss more often.

Step 5: Fluoride.

You’ll be able to rinse your mouth out before the fluoride treatment is administered. This can occur by painting a fluoride-based varnish onto your teeth, swishing it around your mouth in the form of a liquid, or having it sit on your smile in the form of a foamy gel.

Regardless of what is available, the fluoride will remain on your teeth 1 minute; then you can rinse once more.

And voila! You’re all set! Your dentist will speak with you about booking a follow-up visit before you go.

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