How to Care for Your Dentures: Do’s and Don’ts

our dentist explaining about dentures

Dentures replace missing or damaged teeth and enhance chewing, speaking, and appearance. Compared to alternative restorative options like dental implants or dental bridges, dentures in Toronto are less expensive but require more maintenance.

You must care for your dentures and practice oral hygiene to avoid bacterial infections and dental disorders. For you to learn how to take care of your dentures best and have them last you for many years, our dentist in York has put together this article.

Dentures Maintenance: Do’s

  • After eating, take out and rinse your dentures. Wash your dentures in water to release food crumbs and debris. Put a soft cloth below to prevent the dentures from breaking if you drop them.
  • Endure your dentures with consideration. Be cautious when cleaning to prevent bending or damage to the plastic.
  • Brush your teeth following the removal of your dentures. Use gauze and a gentle toothbrush to scrub your tongue and palate. For natural teeth, use a toothbrush with a soft bristle. If used, clean your gums of any residual denture adhesive.
  • Clean your dentures once every day. Every day, take off and softly clean your dentures. To remove food, plaque, and other deposits, soak them and graze them with a soft-bristled brush and a denture cleaner. Wash the tracks that hold against your gums if you use denture adhesive to get rid of any leftover glue. Denture cleaners shouldn’t be used in the mouth.
  • Let dentures soak all night. The majority of denture types require moisture to maintain their shape. Overnight, immerse the dentures in water or a gentle denture-soaking solution. Consult our dentist for advice on how to overnight-store your dentures. Observe the cleaning recommendations provided by the manufacturer.
  • Before placing dentures back in your mouth, properly rinse them, mainly if you use a saturated solution. These solutions may include dangerous substances that, if ingested, can result in vomiting, discomfort, or burns.

Consider scheduling routine dental exams with our dentist so they can evaluate the inside of your mouth to confirm it’s healthy and help secure a correct fit to minimize slippage and pain.

Furthermore, visit our dentist right away if your device feels too loose. Loose dentures can bring on infection, ulcers, and discomfort.

Denture Care: Don’ts

  • Utilize cleaning supplies with abrasives. Harsh toothpaste and brushes with stiff bristles as they are too abrasive and can harm your dentures.
  • Don’t use toothpaste that whitens. Peroxide is a common ingredient in toothpaste marketed as whitening pastes. However, it has minimal effect on the colour of dentures.
  • Stay away from items containing bleach. Useless bleaching treatments can weaken dentures and change their colour, so dodge using them. Chlorine solutions shouldn’t be utilized to soak dentures as they can corrode and injure the metal.
  • Keep your dentures out of hot water to prevent warping.

Reach Out to Our Local Dentist Today!

Some individuals erroneously believe that dentures are their free pass to avoid having their teeth examined. Denture wearers, like everyone else, must schedule routine dental visits. Our dentist will review your mouth to make sure everything is okay. Also, bring your dentures. They will be inspected by our dentist for any damage and given a thorough cleaning.

Finally, schedule an appointment with us at Keele Crosstown Dental immediately for an exam to see if obtaining a denture in York is the best option for your needs. Serving adults in Sarasota and the neighbourhood is a pleasure for our compassionate team.